Insurance company is as insurance company does…

The last thing any family dealing with any health issue needs are insurance troubles, but it seems everyone has had, at one time or another, dealt with insurance roadblocks on the path to recovery. As much as I’d hoped to be the exception, our family was not. 

To make things short, our baby June was born on November and then insured in November about three days after her birth. She had clubfoot related appointments every week. Come January fourth, 2017, we find out that June is no longer insured. I called Medical Mutual, our insurance company, and they told me that I should have received my renewal packet in October… I tried to reason with them: the baby didn’t even exist in this world in October, let alone have insurance, but they wouldn’t help me out despite admitting fault!

So, we were left facing the entire month of January, filled with doctor appointments with no insurance. I called the marketplace hoping to get a plan to also cover January, but they told me they were unable to help and that my best bet was going to medicaid. In the end, my baby is now on medicaid.  We had to switch pediatricians since ours would not accept any of the medicaid plans, but we’re somehow making it work, appointment by appointment.

Another gem: letter dated Dec 28th, postmarked January 3rd, and received long afterwards!

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